Badjao ethnic group in the philippines

Of the sulu and celebes seas, the badjao are scattered along the coastal areas of tawi tawi, sulu, basilan. Make further study about badjao tribe.
Badjao or bajau means man of the seas, this tribal group is known as the sea gypsies because they move with the wind and the tide on their small houseboats called vintas, they can be found in many coastal settlements and inhabit the waters and shores of the sulu archipelago. They were the first people of philippines to have direct contact with the chinese through trade. Other than these major groups, there are other ethnic groups like the moro. Followers of islam and the largest non. Christian ethnic group of the nation. The ibanag, the ivatan, and the sambal.
The list of different ethnic groups in the philippines could be divided under. The following are the indigenous tribal groups in the philippines. The bicolanos are a predominantly roman catholic ethnic group that originates from the bicol region in southern luzon. Largest ethnolinguistic group in the philippines. There are several bikol languages of which there is a total of about 3.
Local tausug cooking. Ethnic group with muslim beliefs. The belief and practices of badjao. Refer to any of the several groups in southeast asia one them is in philippines, an indigenous ethnic.