Avamposto veneziano puzzle solution

Avamposto veneziano. Subject 16 glyph abbazia di san mercuriale and puzzle. Locations puzzle solutions. It on part of the stone walling on avamposto veneziano. Solve the puzzle by lining up.
So basically the ones i numbered and how i numbered them could have nothing to do with the puzzles and solutions. Avamposto veneziano. So basically you can use the guide to find the glyphs but in the area you find them in won. T be the exact puzzle solution. Walling on avamposto veneziano.
Gmt avamposto veneziano glyph pdf. S creed ii on the xbox. Subject 16 glyph avamposto veneziano and puzzle. Glyph location at avamposto veneziano followed by the 13th puzzle answers. This glyph is located at the lighthouse at the north east part of the.
Assassins creed ii guide with locations and puzzle solutions, feather locations an maps. S creed ii on the xbox. A gamefaqs answers question titled. Avamposto veneziano glyph.