Skshapenode position

I need to detect touches on a circular skshapenode but the obvious code. But changing circle to triangle. According to other folks, skshapenode also has terrible performance and is missing key features from its cashapelayer counterpart. Because of all these flaws, skshapenode is completely untrustworthy. I now refuse to use skshapenode for any new code i write. I have also been refactoring existing code that uses it to stop using it.
Detecting intersection from sprite kit skshapenode drawings. M drawing with sprite kit. I would like to detect when user. I add a couple of nodes, like this.
The graphics path is a collection of straight lines and curves that can define either open or closed subpaths. You can specify separate rendering behavior. If you create a shape using a bezier path or cgpath, you can specify the position of its. Anchor point, where the path. S origin specifies the bottom.
The initializer for skshapenode uses a cgpath, but uibezierpath will do that conversion for you with the cgpath property. You could have generated a cgpath directly, but uibezierpath is often easier to work with. Then you set the position and color properties of the node, and add it to the scene to display it. Note that the background slice has a thicker line width than the foreground, and we have to add the background one first. M using z position 2 for the slice shapes, because i. Ll be using z position 1 for bombs and z position 0 for everything else. This ensures the slice shapes are on top, then bombs, then everything else.