Protocol error 7531 ps3

I just turned on my ps3 and a message popped up in top right. Hand corner saying that there was a dlna protocol error. Dlna protocol error. When streaming content. You may get a dlna error message. Then navigate to the ps3.
Trying to connect to intel mediaps3 but when i click on the icon under media on ps3 an error message on the top right hand corner of. Ps3 media server ist speziell für die ps3 gemacht worden tv ersity eben nicht. An deiner leitung liegen das es oft nach lädt.
M2ts videos from computer to non. Dlna tv with playstation 3 br. Full guide to setup windows 7 for ps3 with dlna streaming to hdtv br. The hdtv in my living room is non. Inch panasonic viera tc. Hi, just got my ps3 yesterday. Please help me, i am trying to connect wd mybook world edition to ps3. I am not sure how to do it.
M getting the dreaded. And a message that the system is unable to con. Make sure the boxes next to. Windows media player network sharing service. On your ps3, you may see some dlna protocol error notifications. Try restarting your media server software and ps3. Questions regarding media streaming across varied protocols, including upnp. Cifs can be placed here.