Override validationresult isvalid

Wenn der wert ungültig ist, ist die errorcontent eigenschaft und die isvalid. Eigenschaft des zurückgegebenen validationresult werden in die entsprechende fehlermeldung festgelegt und false bzw. Das vollständige beispiel finden sie unter how to. Implement binding validation. Represents the result returned by the. Method that indicates whether the checked value passed the.
Public class checkageattribute. Protected override validationresult isvalid. Object value, validationcontext validationcontext. To implement the validation logic, you need to override one of the isvalid methods provided by the base class. Public class mycustomattribute. Protected override validationresult isvalid. When using custom validations.
How to do custom validation using validationattribute of. Protected override validationresult. It is an abstract class with isvalid. Method will not insert our object into results collection as it is returned by our version of isvalid. , but will build new one with default error message for this field, like. And put it instead of the one we want.
Protected virtual isvalid. Testing validationattribute that overrides isvalid. Up vote 4 down vote favorite. Protected override validationresult isvalid.