Scours in goats

Scours in goats what to do about it. In our house there are many causes of scours in goats. And keep in mind while scours need addressed as a medical problem. It is not a disease. It is a symptom of a disease. Of something else going on in your goat. Posts about scours in goats written by briana vedsted.
Treatment for goat scours. To treat goat scours, which causes liquid bowel movements, get electrolytes into the. T already know, scours is simply another name for diarrhea in animals. A lot of times people get misinformation on treating scours in goats.
Anytime the bacteria balance in a goat. S digestive system becomes out. Whack diarrhea can occur. There are many causes for goat scours. Scours can sometimes indicate serious illness and if left untreated can cause dehydration, organ damage or death. Baby goats younger than a month old are most susceptible to scours. Their scours consists of watery or pasty diarrhea that cakes the backside. Dark diarrhea runs from under the tail and down the legs. Rather than have one cause, there may be several causes, any one of which can cause scours.
Without treatment, a goat might experience convulsions and die. Even before you know exactly what. S causing the scours, separate any symptomatic goats from the rest of the herd. Preventing scours consists primarily of providing a clean environment for your herd, along with fresh, clean water and quality hay and feed. Scours, or diarrhea, can be fatal to both young and mature goats alike. It is vital that the cause be identified and addressed in order to treat.